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EAL: English as an Additional Language

Many of our scholars have English as a second or additional language to the one they learned as a child or speak at home.

We offer different types of support to our scholars to help them access lessons depending on their level of need.

Foundation Language Group – FLG

Scholars who come to Djanogly with no English at all will start in the FLG.

Here they will receive a full-time intensive immersion language course where they will be learning key vocabulary for school.  Scholars will remain in the FLG for approximately two weeks; this is flexible depending on their level of need.

Once scholars are in full time main stream classes they will continue to be monitored and mentored by specialist language teaching assistants. This will happen in values time or after school and will focus on supporting scholars in their academic studies.

Reading Groups

Small group reading run by the specialist teaching assistants, are offered three times a week.

These are invitation only and encourage confidence in reading. The groups vary between reading as a group, paired reading and 1:1 reading.

Handwriting club

Scholars are invited to attend handwriting sessions to help them form their letters in ways that are taught in British primary schools.

This helps scholars in the presentation of their work and ease of communication with teachers.  This is invitation only and runs twice a week. 

In class support

Scholars who are taught as part of the FLG/DLG/SLG groups will have a language improvement plan.

This is given to mainstream staff to inform their planning and helps scholars to focus on the next steps for their language development.

Teaching assistants support scholars in lessons, adapting resources and helping them access the content and skills of the lesson. They also deliver 1:1 sessions with scholars to give extra support to their development.

We have a team of staff in school who have received specialist training in teaching students with English as a foreign language. This team is vital in supporting and training other members of staff who teach our EAL students.


  • Mrs K Newton – Director of Literacy and EAL
  • Ms J Eaton – EAL teaching assistant (Level 2) – speaks French and Spanish
  • Ms H Franklin- Chan - EAL Teaching Assistant
  • Ms H Ganly - EAL Teaching Assistant
  • Ms P Gill - EAL Teaching Assistant
  • Mr D Woods - EAL Teaching Assistant