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Humanities Department - What will you experience today?

Welcome to the Humanities Department where every student is encouraged to learn about the world around them through geography, history and religious studies.

Our vision is to inspire students to be curious about the past, evaluate the present and consider their impact on the future.

Our aim for geography to promote, intrigue and ignite students interests to consider the human, physical and environmental footprints on the world around us.

Geography is a subject that holds the key to our future.

Michael Palin

Years 7 and 8 - An introduction to the GCSE units

Year 7

  • World awareness
  • Urban challenges - NEE - Brazil
  • Rivers
  • Mini geographical applications

Year 8

  • Hazards
  • Changing economic world - TNCs - Nike
  • Coasts
  • Urban issues and challenges - Sustainable urban living

Years 9, 10 and 11 (GCSE AQA)

Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Living with the 
physical environment
Natural hazards
Hot deserts

Living world - ecosystems
Tropical rainforests

Physical landscapes
Living with the 
physical environment
Resource management

Challenges in the 
human environment
Urban issues
Urban challenges - NEE
Urban challenges - UK

Geographical applications
Physical fieldwork
Geographical applications
Human fieldwork

Challenges in the
human environment
Changing economic world

Geographical applications
Issue evaluation (based on a
pre release)

Exam structure

Three exam papers:

  • Paper 1 - Living with the physical world (1 hour 30 mins / 91 marks)
    Natural hazards, the Living World, Physical Landscapes in the UK, Geographical Skills
  • Paper 2 - Challenges of the human environment (1 hour 30 mins / 91 marks)
    Urban issues and challenges, Changing of the economic world, Resource management, Geographical skills
  • Paper 3 - Geographical applications (1 hour 15 mins / 82 marks)
    Issue evaluation, Fieldwork, Geographical skills

Watch this space - exciting times ahead for Humanities!

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